Should You Choose a Chiropractor or an Osteopath for a Slipped Disc? Here’s the difference.

Should You Choose a Chiropractor or an Osteopath for a Slipped Disc? Here's the difference. 1

Having a healthy body is essential, that’s obvious. You can make all the money in the world but if you’re not in the best shape possible, wealth doesn’t mean anything. When you’re trying to find the best solution to ensure you have the best health, your first choices might involve chiropractors and osteopaths. This is especially true when you have issues like slipped discs, which can turn your life upside down.

Below, we’re going to discuss the similarities and differences between osteopaths and chiropractors. Either one can benefit your lifestyle, but the one you choose will be determined by the capabilities of each, as well as your reason(s) for seeking care.


The majority of people will look toward chiropractors because they’re experiencing back pain. The idea behind chiropractic practices is that your spine and skeletal structure affects the areas around it. If, for example, you have a locked pelvis, you might find difficulty walking because different components of your back may have limited function.

Chiropractors will work to loosen the spine and the vertebrae around it to ensure that your back doesn’t cause you unnecessary pain. At their base, chiropractors believe that when your spine is aligned and functioning, your body will have an easier time repairing itself.

This profession is often misunderstood by healthcare practitioners and the general public. At Singapore Pain Solutions, we prioritize our clients. We know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to your life and we know that your pain is a top priority. That’s why we do everything we can to end your pain without endangering your wellbeing.

Issues like slipped discs can cause you a significant amount of pain and our chiropractors have experience with treating them! After many years, we know how to tailor or slipped disc services to your individual needs.


Osteopathy is often mistaken for chiropractic methods and while they do have similar qualities, they aren’t the same. While we look at your individual spine, osteopaths will look at the relationship between different systems.

Osteopaths are right if you want professionals who are broad in their approach. This can be a benefit because you’ll be treated as a whole; however, when you have a singular condition like a slipped disc, a chiropractor is your best bet.

Unlike chiropractors, osteopaths will seldom use x-rays or diagnostic equipment. Instead, they’ll refer an individual elsewhere. Chiropractors, on the other hand, are more likely to perform exams.

Osteopaths will also spend more time with their patients because they look at more than the human spine. Chiropractors will take less time because they focus more on adjustments and on aligning your spine.

Slipped Disc Symptoms

People who suffer from slipped discs may notice that they suffer from the following symptoms:

  • Complications with your muscles. Having a slipped disc can irritate nerves surrounding the spine. This can cause severe pain and in some cases, you might experience referral pain which may not be located at problem area.
  • Numbness in your extremities. Because a slipped disc can cause pinched nerves and other complications, you might experience numbness in your arms and legs. You’ll know you have a slipped disc if you have electric type of pain shooting past your knees and elbows.
  • Pain on one side of your back. You’re likely going to have pain on a single side of your back because a slipped disc will go to the right or left; thereby, causing issues on one of these sides.


Having a slipped disc can cause you a significant amount of pain and affects your daily function. That’s why you might be considering an osteopath or a chiropractor. Either of these professionals will be able to treat your body; however, if you want someone who is going to attack the problem quickly, a chiropractor may be your best bet.

If you have any questions about chiropractors or their practice, feel free to contact us today! We love to hear about all your inquiries.

Dr. Jenny Li

Dr. Jenny Li
Founding Chiropractor at Singapore Pain Solutions

Dr. Jenny Li is America trained chiropractor who specialises in sports injury, sports performance, and spinal health. She graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in United States, upon completion of the her post graduate program she practiced in Hong Kong and currently is practicing in Singapore.

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