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With our non-invasive chiropractic treatments, chronic pain and posture issues can become a thing of the past.

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Helping patients recover from body pains with Chiropractic since 2015

Established in 2015 by 2 highly experienced professional chiropractors, Singapore Pain Solutions’ vision is to become one of the best chiropractic providers in the Asia Pacific

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Chiropractic for Adults

We provide 100% authentic chiropractic treatments as alternative pain solutions for various chronic lower back pain issues that adults often face in life.

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Chiropractic for Athletes

We provide specialized chiropractic services to improve sport performance and mitigate risk for sports injuries.

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Chiropractic for Children

Because the child’s body is always growing, a seemingly small misalignment can turn into a serious condition as the child ages.

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Meet Our Chiropractors

Dr. Jeff Ederer
Doctor Of Chiropractic

Dr. Jenny Li
Doctor Of Chiropractic

Dr Daniel Tan
Doctor Of Chiropractic
Dr. Jeff Ederer
Doctor Of Chiropractic
10 Years of experience

Dr. Jeff has over 7 years of chiropractic experience around the world. He practiced with the largest chiropractic clinic in South America and was one of the pioneers in establishing Chiropractic mission trips to Peru. Dr. Jeff is a member of the Chiropractic Doctors’ Association of Hong Kong and has practiced in Singapore for over 3 years. He is knowledgeable in advanced Gonstead technique and extremity work. He has conducted numerous health talks in USA, South America, Hong Kong, and Singapore. He specializes in structural corrective care of the spine, mirror imaging corrective care, and has experience with sports injuries and nutritional counseling.

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Slipped Disc

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