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Established in 2015 by 2 highly experienced professional chiropractors, Singapore Pain Solutions’ vision is to become one of the best
chiropractic providers in the Asia Pacific, helping patients to manage their back pain problems through authentic chiropractic treatment
services and specialized treatments like Spinal Decompression Therapy. Our founding chiropractors, Dr Jeff Ederer and Dr Jenny Li (Doctors of Chiropractic) have been practicing chiropractic treatments for
established chiropractic brands in Singapore for a few years before
establishing Singapore Pain Solutions.

At Singapore Pain Solutions, Chiropractic is our main focus but we are also working with well experienced Senior Orthopedic Surgeon, Personal Trainer, and licensed nutritionist to ensure a more comprehensive assessment of our patients' health

At Singapore Pain Solutions, our strength comes from our hybrid combination of our vast experience in sports injury, pediatric
chiropractic, pregnancy chiropractic, nutrition for fitness and many other areas.

Singapore Pain Solutions is the number one choice of chiropractic service provider in Bodybuilding, Fitness and Sports Community. We are the only chiropractors who are recognised by National Bodybuilding Association World Fitness Federation Singapore.

Meet Our Chiropractors

Dr. Jeff Ederer

Doctor Of Chiropractic

Dr. Jeff has over 10 years of chiropractic experience around the world. He practiced with the largest chiropractic clinic in South America and was one of the pioneers in establishing Chiropractic mission trips to Peru.

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Dr. Jenny Li

Doctor Of Chiropractic

With more than 10 years of experience treating patients, Dr. Jenny Li is America trained female chiropractor who specialises in sports injury, sports performance, and spinal health.

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Dr. Adam C. Baker

Doctor Of Chiropractic

Dr. Adam was raised on a family grain and dairy farm in central Ohio (USA). Dr. Adam has an undergraduate degree in Sports Medicine from Wilmington College which makes Dr. Adam highly knowledgeable in the areas..

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About us

Establishing Thought
Leadership For Chiropractic
In Asia

Recognizing that a significant percentage of the general public in Asia still have misconceptions about chiropractic as an alternative pain treatment,
Singapore Pain Solutions seek to provide clarity on chiropractic treatments by conducting educative initiatives through roadshows, corporate talks and
digital marketing.

About us

Community Social

Singapore Pain Solutions also takes priority on how to contribute back to our community and society. We have been working closely with local charity such as Food from the Heart. It is our mission to bring basic resources such as food, shelter, clean water and education to our communities and our neighboring countries.

Ask us how you can be involved with the local
charity and make a difference in those families that are in need.

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