What Is Sports Massage?

Due to inadequate stretches or excessive overload, our deep muscles may at times become stiff and unable to function optimally. Such muscular strains may even cause severe pain, numbness, stiffness or reduced range of motion in joints.

The aim of a Sports Massage is to release muscle knots and scar tissue, stretch stiff muscles to increase range of motion in joints, flush away lymphatic wastes (such as lactic acid), speed up the recovery of strained muscles and to aid in correcting muscular imbalances. In doing so, the muscle fibres experience something similar to a strength training exercise, which leads to Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (D.O.M.S.).

After a session of Sports Massage Therapy, the muscles undergo Micro-tears within the fascia. Over the course of the next one or two days, the muscles would experience D.O.M.S. Hence light stretches are required to maintain muscular flexibility, preventing muscles from healing back into their initial shortened state. Elastin and collagen then help to heal the muscles back into full health with better range of motion and muscular contractions.

Sports massages are different from Aroma Therapy or General Massages because they target the muscles that are below the superficial muscles. It is a Deep Tissue Massage Treatment that targets muscles affecting the movement of joints.


1 Certified & Experienced Sports Massage Therapist

Who is this therapy for?

Our sports massage clients consist of, and are not restricted to, Marathon Runners, Triathletes, Long Distance Cyclists, Powerlifters, Strongman/Strongwoman, Bodybuilders, Physique Competitors, Bikini Competitors, Crossfit Athletes, Martial Artists, Kayakers, Canoeists, Pole Dancers, Aerialists, National Servicemen, Desk Job Workers, and General Gym Goers.

Commonly Used in:

  • Pre/ Post-race and event
  • Reducing muscle tension/ DOMs
  • Facilitating and optimizing recovery

2 The Collaboration Of Sports Massage And Chiropractic Care Ensures Total Wellness!

A patient may visit the clinic with a lack of range of motion in a particular joint.

With the help of chiropractic adjustments to set the bones back into proper alignment, followed by a session of Sports Massage Therapy for the muscles around the targeted joint, muscular and skeletal imbalance can be fixed far more efficiently and with greater sustainability.

Suitable Clothing to wear for Sports Massage

If the targeted area is below the hips, the client would be required to be in either running shorts or loose exercise shorts. If the massage targets above the hips, women would be required to be in their brassiere during their massage. A towel would be provided to cover the massage clients. Sports Massage Therapy is oil based and the client would do well to refrain from taking a shower an hour or two after the therapy.

3 Exercising On The Day Of Treatment

On the day of treatment, if the client insists on working out before their massage session, they would be facing more pain during the massage due to increased muscle tightness and soreness. They would be advised to do their workouts one or two days after treatment and only with light weights (about 50-70% of their usual weights lifted, with high repetitions to increase blood flow and the rate of muscle recovery).

They would be advised not to do any heavy lifting. The muscles should get back to full strength by the third day.

Add on 2 warm up sets prior to the workouts. Consistently stretching after workouts are also vital to maintain flexible and balanced muscles.

4 Take Note Of Injuries!

This massage would not be recommended to someone who was recently seriously injured within the last 3-6 months. This includes broken bones, torn muscles, tendons or ligaments. The severity of injury and speed of recovery would be taken into consideration before deciding if the Sports massage would be appropriate for them.

Avoid Sports Massage if you have the following:

  • Recent Fractures/ Trauma
  • Open wound/ Burns
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis/ Gout
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Recent Surgical Sites
  • Infectious Diseases

5 Chiropractic Care And Sports Massage Combination

This one of a kind specific Chiropractic care and Sports Massage Combination for total wellness on targeted areas would definitely help every client speed up their recovery process with better posture and range of motions. This is a treatment exclusively available at Singapore Pain Solutions. We will not be offering any full body massages as we have a packed schedule of patients dropping by for the Chiropractic and Massage Care Treatment.

For those with chiropractic adjustments for more than one area, if you decide to have a full body sports massage;an additional fee would be charged for the session. The session would then last for 90 minutes. You can find out more about the therapy and chiropractic treatment fees over here.

Do note that the massage would be painful and you would be advised to stick to the 30 minutes treatment for area adjusted by your Chiropractor.

At the moment, our sports massage service is not available. Send us an enquiry to find out more.

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